Bentley Turbo R

When it was introduced in the US, Motor Trend called the Turbo R “the first Bentley in decades deserve of the famous name.” Originally introduced in 1985 and produced till 1999, the Turbo R featured a turbocharged V8 engine which got plenty of torque out of its fuel injection.

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With a top speed of 135 mph and 296 horse power, this car was a mix of power and luxury. The slim, plush seats helped contribute to a more comfortable ride. 5864 of the original Turbo R were produced, with 1211 of them having the Long Wheelbase.

The “R” stood for “roadholding,” as this car had significantly improved handling over its predecessors. This was the first time a Bentley featured wider tires on alloy wheels. With a modified rear and front suspension as well as a front air dam, the car’s handling was truly impressive, especially when compared to other similarly powered cars of the era. It featured a 50% increase in roll stiffness over the Mulsanne Turbo. The long run shows just how this was a defining car for multiple generations.