Bentley Mulliner RT

There are rare, exclusive and expensive cars and then there’s the Bentley Turbo RT Mulliner. 56 of these were built, but only 17 of them are right hand drive. They were made only for the 1998 model year, and even then they were only made by special order. The turbocharger received a new compressor, the air intake system was modified, and the engine management system itself was remapped. This made for a bigger engine and greater torque output.

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When you see a Mulliner RT, you tend to remember it. That’s because they have a prominent venting, rounded, aerodynamic bumpers, flared fenders, 255/55 tires and 18-inch wheels. Often, these cars have foglamps as well. Every single one of these was made to individual specifications, so you’ll find things like a speedometer for rear passengers, sporting side and bonnet vents as well as a Mulliner rear windscreen that’s quite small. These are handcrafted vehicles for a unique experience.