Bentley S2

Often considered the best of Bentley’s S-Series, these vehicles are an important part of Bentley history. To make sure that everyone has enough room with these Bentleys, there was room for four passengers as well as luggage they had with them. Produced from 1959 through 1962, these vehicles were essentially identical to the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II.

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With a V8 engine, this Bentley offered a performance that could be seen as a big step up from the S1. The all-aluminum 6230 cc V-8 engine was a major step forward. In fact, Bentley used the dual SU carburetors until 1998. This engine had a compression ratio of 8 to 1 and was fitted with both twin carbs and an automatic choke. The brakes were improved from S1 and the rear axle ratio was quite high. This was a vehicle made to cruise on the modern roads of the era.

2,308 of these Bentleys were produced. 388 S2 Continentals were produced. They had an even higher performance engine with lighter bodywork. As they are so luxurious and so few were made, these vehicles are true collectibles.