Bentley Arnage

One of Bentley’s large luxury cars, the Arnage was produced from 1998 till 2009. As with so many other Bentley’s, for a period of time it was the fastest and most powerful four-door saloon available. The Cosworth-engineered twin-turbo installation complimented the BMW V8 engine perfectly.

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The first Arnage was called the “Green Label.” In 1999, the “Red Label” launched. It had a “big block” powertrain engine. The Red label had a completely re-designed front suspension. The extra seating space in the rear made for an even more luxurious ride. The Red Label also added park distance control to the rear and the front while making a pop-up Alpine navigation system standard. It also added standard power folding exterior mirrors.

The Arnage RL is one of those vehicles that were completely customized to the needs of the buyer. In these, the rear area is even larger. In fact, many models of the RL have armor on them, protecting from grenades, assault weapons, and more.

The Arnage R and Arnage T were released in 2002. The T was designed to be the more sporting one, while the R was seen as an update of the Red Label. The T as made to be the most powerful road going Bentley, while the R was created to be an ultra-high performance Grand Touring car.