Bentley T1

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Production Numbers: 1852

Color Options: Red, Silver, Blue, White, Green, Maroon, Black

Engine Type: 6230 cc Rolls-Royce – Bentley L Series V8 engine

Transmission: 4-speed automatic transmission / 3-speed automatic transmission

Additional Stats: Reversing lights mounted on the boot lid, enlarged track and tires, British models featured a picnic table, which American cars did not, flat wheel covers

On October 5th, 1965, Bentley Motors first announced and unveiled the new Bentley T-Series at the Paris Motor Show. The new vehicle was a redesigned version of the Rolls-Royce Silver shadow without the chassis under the Bentley badge. It was the first Bentley model without a separate chassis, making it distinctly different from the S series, its predecessor. The new steel and aluminum monocoque body had subframes to mount the engine and the suspension, giving it more space inside than outside. It also featured independent suspension on all four wheels along with automatic height control when loading.

While practically identical to the Rolls-Royce, Bentley’s clientele was a much more understated one. They were conceived as an equally high-end but more subtler alternative to the Rolls-Royce, especially because of their lower price. The model, which was available as a four-door saloon, a two-door saloon, and a two-door convertible, had a successful run as a full-size luxury car from 1965 to 1977, the year in which its successor, the Bentley T2 was introduced. The upgrade involved rach and pinion steering, rubber-faced bumpers, and an improved air conditioning system.

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