Beginner’s Guide To Selling A Classic Car Online


A quick google search for ‘sell my classic car’ will return numerous classic car sites such as Autotrader Classics, Ebay etc. Now, more than ever, it’s easy to list your car for sale online. However, unless you have a rare model or a very desirable car, it can be difficult to have your car ‘ stand out’ from the pack. Furthermore, even when you own a rare or desirable classic car, it can be difficult to assess its market value as there may be few examples of cars like yours on the internet. For these reasons, selling a car when you have little to no experience can prove daunting for the average person. If this is your first time selling a classic car, this blogpost was written with you in mind.

Research, Research and More Research To Set Your Asking Price
Ask For A Little More Than You Expect to Get

If you’re not in the classic car business or an expert, this step is crucial and the most important. Assess the condition of your car honestly and take note of the year, make, model, engine number ,mileage , exterior and interior color etc of your classic car. Cars in excellent condition will command higher prices than cars in poor condition. Remember to set your asking price a little higher than you expect to allow for customers who like to negotiate.
If you find out during the research process that your car is particularly desirable, I would strongly recommend hiring a professional appraiser.
Doing all this will go a long way in ensuring that you price your car competitively, thus getting the most money for your classic. Do not skip this step -avoid a scenario where you get much less than your car is actually worth.

A Picture is Truly Worth A Thousand Words. Detail Your Car And Take Lots Of Photos.Take More Photos Than You Think You’ll Need

In a crowded classic car market, a potential buyer needs to know why he or she should buy your car instead of someone else’s. Taking high quality photos will help your car stand out and will help create a positive first impression. A professional camera is not necessary as most phones contain a high quality camera . Take as many photos as you can from multiple angles and in broad daylight- both interior and exterior shots .Also take pictures of any memorabilia related to the car- brochures, extra parts and accessories, authenticating certificates etc. Buyers appreciate having all these details and taking the time to do this will really make your car stand out from the rest.

Read Ads Written By Classic Car Dealers and Auction houses. These will Provide Great Insight And Assist You In Writing Your Own Ad.

In your ad, you want to communicate to the buyer why he or he should buy your classic car. Your ad should be short, sweet and only contain relevant information. Make and model of the car, mileage , ownership history etc. Any memorabilia and service records( if you have them) should also be included in your ad. Be honest in your description and mention known flaws and imperfections. Has the car had any mechanical or cosmetic work done recently or in the past?
Be sure to stress the positives and to highlight any special features of your car for example, was the previous owner a celebrity? Did the car come with any additional options, parts or accessories?
If you kept meticulous service records or if your car has won awards at car shows be sure to mention this. Numerous pictures along with your honest car description is a winning combination and will give prospective car buyers the confidence that you’re not hiding anything.

4) List Your Ad Online To Popular Classic Car Sites. Engage with Potential Buyers. Make The Sale Online Or In Person.

Always respond to email or phone queries in a prompt and personable manner. Treat everyone the way you’d want to be treated. If you don’t know the answer to a question, be honest about it and invite the prospective buyer to have the car inspected if he/she has concerns or queries.

Additional Points To Keep In Mind If Making The Sale In Person

You may be able to make the sale online but in the event you are unable to do so, there are a few things to keep in mind when making an in person sale.Before meeting the potential buyer, have a conversation on the phone to establish that they’re serious and willing to pay your asking price. Once you have determined this, arrange to meet in a public space and bring a friend for added safety if you can.Offer a test drive if requested but keep safety in mind. Never let a stranger test drive your car alone. Always go with them and having a friend in the backseat is ideal for added security.

Accept either a bank wire transfer or cashier’s check as payment. These two options are much safer than a check, credit card or cash.

Check In With Your Local DMV For Assistance with the Title Transfer

Good Luck selling that classic car!