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Pontiac emerged on the car scene from Pontiac, Michigan in the mid 1920’s, and started off relatively strong in the market. As a companion brand of General Motors, Pontiac began outselling brands like Chevrolet as fast as it entered. Known for its unique body and “straight eight” engines, Pontiac was popular as a record breaker and go-to vehicle for buyers looking to spend a little less. Throughout the years Pontiac underwent minor modifications, but unhelp it’s classic look through the late 50’s. When the 60’s hit Pontiac came back with a new look and style. By the 90’s Pontiac had remodeled and rebranded numerous times, as it still remained a “must have” vehicle in pop culture. However, by the early 2000’s Pontiac had gone through a complete revamp. Despite the efforts to make sales, Pontiac was not fleeing the lot like it once was. By 2009 the brand was pulled.

Since Pontiac is a brand that is no longer on the market, finding a classic Pontiac for sale is very rare. Sell A Classic Car are classic Pontiac buyers in California who are searching for anyone out there who has one of these rare Pontiac cars that they are looking to get rid of. In return, we are willing to offer you cash for your treasure—no matter what model you own. Whether you have a Bonneville, Ventura, or Grand Prix, we are interested in speaking with you! Reach out to our team of classic Pontiac buyers over the phone today by calling (310) 399-3990. You can also always contact us online. Once your car is sold, will even find arrangements for how to get your classic Pontiac for sale to us here in California, so you don’t have to travel all this way!