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Pontiac emerged on the car scene from Pontiac, Michigan in the mid 1920’s, and started off relatively strong in the market. As a companion brand of General Motors, Pontiac began outselling brands like Chevrolet as fast as it entered. Known for its unique body and “straight eight” engines, Pontiac was popular as a record breaker and go-to vehicle for buyers looking to spend a little less. Throughout the years Pontiac underwent minor modifications, but unhelp it’s classic look through the late 50’s. When the 60’s hit Pontiac came back with a new look and style. By the 90’s Pontiac had remodeled and rebranded numerous times, as it still remained a “must have” vehicle in pop culture. However, by the early 2000’s Pontiac had gone through a complete revamp. Despite the efforts to make sales, Pontiac was not fleeing the lot like it once was. By 2009 the brand was pulled.