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A luxury coup manufactured and marketed by the Studebaker Corporation between the year 1962 and 1963. Manufactured shortly after overcoming the economic dip of WWII. The model gained famed after breaking 29 records at the Bonneville Salt Flats, a stretch of land in Utah known for testing speeds. Although the Avanti was discontinued in tandem with the Studebaker, the model is still remembered as a breakthrough vehicle. While being able to reach high speeds, the the design was set to provide comfort and safety to its passengers.

In 1963, car manufacturer Studebaker ceased production of their Studebaker Avanti model when they shut down their South Bend Factory. The Avanti name, tooling, production rights, and plant space were hence bought by local dealers Leo Newman, and Nate and Arnold Altman. They hand built a small inventory of new cars and came together as the Avanti Motor Corporation.
A slightly altered version of the Studebaker Avanti was introduced as the Avanti II in 1965. It initially sported a 327 cu in Chevrolet Corvette engine, which evolved to the 400, then the 350, and ultimately the 305.

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