Avanti (1962-1985)

 studebaker avanti gold at concord universityThe Avanti was a luxury sports coupe produced by the Avanti Motor Corporation from 1962 to 1985. The car was originally designed by famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy and his team, and it was intended to be a high-performance luxury coupe that would compete with European sports cars.

The Avanti featured a fiberglass body with a distinctive “Coke bottle” shape and a long hood. It was powered by a V8 engine and featured advanced features such as disc brakes and a fiberglass body. The Avanti was also notable for its unique front grille, which featured a large, round opening that housed the headlights and a smaller opening that contained the grille itself.

Despite its advanced features and striking design, the Avanti was not a commercial success. The Avanti Motor Corporation struggled financially, and the company changed ownership several times throughout its history. Production ceased in 1985 after a total of approximately 4,600 cars were produced.

In the years since the Avanti went out of production, it has gained a cult following among car enthusiasts, and it is considered a classic example of American automotive design. In 2006, the rights to the Avanti name and design were acquired by a new company, which has since produced several updated versions of the car.

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