1987 Ferrari 412: 80s Passion Project

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Introduction to the 1987 Ferrari 412 2+2 V12 Coupe

In 1987, Ferrari introduced the 412 2+2 V12 Coupe, a model that symbolized luxury and power. Furthermore, it continued the brand’s tradition of producing high-performance grand tourers. The 412 was an evolution of the Ferrari 400 series, showcasing refined design and engineering.

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Design and Legacy

The 412’s design was both elegant and sophisticated. Pininfarina, the renowned Italian design house, was responsible for its styling. Consequently, the car featured a harmonious blend of sharp lines and smooth curves.

This model maintained Ferrari’s reputation for crafting visually stunning automobiles. Additionally, it upheld the brand’s tradition of incorporating V12 engines in its grand tourers, offering a perfect blend of performance and luxury.

Interior Specifications

Inside the Ferrari 412, luxury and comfort were paramount. The cabin was spacious, accommodating four passengers with ease. Moreover, the interior boasted high-quality leather upholstery and wood trim, enhancing its luxurious appeal.

Drivers benefited from an array of advanced features for that era. Furthermore, the instrument panel was driver-focused, ensuring all controls were within easy reach.

OUR 1987 Ferrari 412

‘We are excited to present a stunning example of the 1987 Ferrari 412 2+2 Coupe, a masterpiece styled by Pininfarina. This exceptional vehicle stands out both mechanically and cosmetically, and it’s challenging to find finer examples available anywhere.

Boasting 29,523 original miles, this car is one of the rare 576 units produced between 1985 and 1989. Under the hood lies a powerful 4.9L V-12 engine with Bosch fuel injection, paired with a smooth 3-speed automatic transmission. Its striking white exterior is complemented by a luxurious tan leather interior.

The Ferrari offers power-adjustable front bucket seats for ultimate comfort and a fully reconditioned and working air conditioning system for those warmer days. Safety and performance are enhanced by the 4-wheel power disc brakes.

Included with this remarkable vehicle are comprehensive service records spanning many years from ‘Penske Wynn Ferrari’ of Las Vegas, NV. Additionally, it comes with a book in a leather pouch and a tool roll. The recent full service includes A/C maintenance, ensuring the car is in top condition.

A clean Carfax report accompanies this exquisite example, adding to the assurance of its quality and history. This 1987 Ferrari 412 2+2 Coupe is not just a car; it’s a piece of automotive history and a testament to Ferrari’s legacy of luxury and performance.’

Performance Specifications

The 412 was powered by a 4.9-liter V12 engine. This engine produced a substantial amount of power, enabling swift acceleration and a high top speed. Additionally, the car featured a smooth and responsive transmission, amplifying the driving pleasure.

Handling and stability were key focuses in the 412’s design. Subsequently, the car offered a balanced driving experience, making it suitable for long drives and spirited driving alike.

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Ferrari’s Evolution and the 412’s Place in History

Since its founding by Enzo Ferrari in 1939, Ferrari has been synonymous with high-performance vehicles. The company initially focused on racing but later expanded into producing street-legal sports cars. The 1987 Ferrari 412 is a testament to this evolution, combining Ferrari’s racing heritage with luxury grand touring elements.


Designers Behind the 412

At Pininfarina, designers worked closely with Ferrari to create the 412. Their collaboration resulted in a vehicle that was both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior. Moreover, the 412’s design stood out for its time, showcasing Pininfarina’s ability to evolve automotive aesthetics.

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Conclusion: The Ferrari 412’s Enduring Legacy

In summary, the 1987 Ferrari 412 2+2 V12 Coupe remains a significant model in Ferrari’s history. It represents the culmination of decades of automotive excellence. The car is a symbol of Ferrari’s commitment to combining high performance with luxury, embodying the essence of a grand touring vehicle.