One Of A Kind Barrister Custom Car Available For Sale

Classic Car Spotlight- 1969 Barrister Custom


1969 barrister corvette custom for sale

1969 Barrister CorvetteClassic Car Spotlight- Barrister Custom

Every once in a while,  a car comes up for sale that demands attention. This is the case with this special one-of-a-kind Barrister Custom. A unique opportunity for the right buyer, a car like this is rarely offered for sale. This particular model utilizes a lengthened Corvette C3 chassis for its base and sports a unique fiberglass body with a  blue and white exterior. To understand why this car is so special, one needs to be familiar with George Barris, the builder and designer of this unique vehicle. George Barris had an interest and talent for customizing cars from an early age.  By the time he is in high school, George has a  booming business modifying cars. Though successful, his career really takes off when a customer, visiting his shop, notices a Mercury custom coupe that George had designed for himself.  The customer likes it so much that he orders the exact car.



1969 barrister corvette

1969 Barrister Custom For Sale through Mecum Car Auctions.

This car, known as the Hirohata Merc becomes a sensation at the General Motors Motorama. Suddenly, everyone wants a Barris custom car and George’s career really takes off. Soon Barris has requests to build custom cars not only for  Hollywood executives and tycoons but also to build custom cars for use in movies such as  Thunder Alley’ and  ‘Fireball 500.’ This particular 1969 Barrister, custom-built for George’s long time friend Frank Monteleone is available for sale through Mecum car auctions.


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