The Birth of a British Icon: 1964 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 MARK III

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The Birth of a British Icon

Initially, the Austin-Healey brand emerged from a partnership between the Austin division of the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and the renowned automotive engineer Donald Healey. Subsequently, the collaboration led to the creation of the Austin-Healey 100 in 1952. Furthermore, the brand’s focus on producing performance-oriented sports cars quickly cemented its reputation in both the automotive and racing worlds. Moreover, the development of the 3000 series in 1959 marked a significant milestone, offering enhanced power and refinement. Additionally, the introduction of the Mark III in 1964 epitomized the brand’s commitment to combining luxury with performance.

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Engineering Excellence Unleashed

Under the hood, the 1964 Austin-Healey 3000 Mark III was powered by a robust 2.9-liter inline-six engine. Impressively, this powerplant delivered 150 horsepower, making the Mark III the most powerful Healey road car. Furthermore, coupled with a four-speed manual transmission with overdrive, the Mark III offered exhilarating performance and cruising capability. Also, its engine and transmission refinement contributed significantly to its appeal as a grand tourer.


‘We are proud to present a rare opportunity to enjoy this exceptionally well restored and wonderful daily driving and obviously always rust free example of this 1964 Austin Healey 3000 Mark III (very desirable Phase II) 2912cc 6 cylinder 2+2 Convertible, the final series (known as Phase III or the BJ8’s and built between 1964-7 and this is one of the early Phase II models) are considered the best incarnation of this legendary marque, known by enthusiasts worldwide quite simply as the ‘Big Healey’s – here is a beautiful and highly striking example of a beautifully restored with no expense spared on an already exemplary rust and accident free example 1964 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III BJ-8 2+2 Convertible with with desirable factory overdrive!’

A Cabin of Comfort and Style

Inside, the Mark III boasted a refined and well-appointed interior. Specifically, luxurious amenities such as leather upholstery and walnut veneer dashboards elevated the cabin experience. Moreover, the inclusion of roll-up windows and a convertible top enhanced both convenience and comfort. Additionally, the Mark III’s interior refinement signaled Austin-Healey’s focus on creating a sports car that did not compromise on luxury.

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Design Mastery and Innovation

The design of the Austin-Healey 3000 Mark III was a testament to British craftsmanship. Led by Donald Healey and his team, the Mark III’s aesthetic enhancements included a distinctive grille and improved exterior trim. Additionally, its iconic curves and proportions exemplified classic sports car design, making it instantly recognizable. Furthermore, the integration of practical features such as improved lighting and a more accessible boot space underscored the brand’s attention to detail.

Racing Glory and Triumphs

On the track, the Austin-Healey 3000 Mark III demonstrated the brand’s competitive spirit. Notably, Healeys competed with distinction in prestigious events like the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Sebring 12 Hours. Furthermore, the 3000 series’ racing pedigree was bolstered by numerous rally successes, including impressive performances in the grueling Alpine Rally. Additionally, the Mark III’s racing exploits played a crucial role in establishing Austin-Healey’s legacy as a manufacturer of cars that performed as well on the circuit as they did on the open road.

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A Legacy Cemented

Finally, the 1964 Austin-Healey 3000 Mark III remains a cherished classic, embodying the spirit of British sports car engineering. Not only does it represent the pinnacle of the Austin-Healey collaboration, but it also stands as a monument to the golden era of sports cars. Moreover, its enduring popularity among collectors and enthusiasts highlights its timeless appeal and significance in automotive history, celebrating Austin-Healey’s contributions to both road and race car development.

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