The 1959 Chrysler New Yorker: A Legacy of Luxury

Comprehensive History of Chrysler Corporation

Initially, Walter P. Chrysler founded Chrysler Corporation in 1925. His vision and expertise quickly propelled the company to the forefront of the automotive industry. Chrysler’s early innovations, such as four-wheel hydraulic brakes and floating power (rubber engine mounts), set new industry standards. Additionally, the company expanded by acquiring Dodge in 1928 and introducing the Plymouth and DeSoto brands, broadening its market reach.

The Chrysler New Yorker: A Legacy of Luxury

The Chrysler New Yorker, first introduced in 1939, evolved to become the epitome of luxury in Chrysler’s lineup. Each iteration of the New Yorker throughout the years showcased advancements in design and technology, reflecting the company’s commitment to luxury and performance. The New Yorker consistently served as a platform for Chrysler to introduce its most advanced features and designs.

1959 Chrysler New Yorker: A Design Icon

The 1959 model of the Chrysler New Yorker stood out with its distinctive styling. The car’s design, highlighted by its dramatic tail fins and sleek profile, captured the essence of the space-age aesthetic prevalent in the late 1950s. This bold styling represented a significant departure from previous models, emphasizing forward-looking design and a commitment to innovation.


‘We are proud to present an exceptionally straight and rust-free survivor, which is also a great daily driver. Originally ordered and kept in the San Francisco Bay area, this California car has been used sparingly since new. It’s a ‘Mopar Big Fin’ 1959 Chrysler New Yorker, a classic in its own right.’


Engine Specifications: A Deep Dive

The 1959 New Yorker was powered by a robust 413 cubic inch (6.8-liter) V8 engine. This engine was notable for its “Golden Lion” series, a designation that symbolized power and prestige. With a four-barrel carburetor, it delivered a powerful output, making the New Yorker one of the most potent vehicles on the road at the time.

Interior Design and Features: Luxury Redefined

Inside, the 1959 New Yorker boasted an opulent and spacious interior. It featured high-end materials like premium fabrics and leathers, rich wood accents, and chrome detailing. The car was equipped with advanced features for its time, including power-assisted steering, brakes, windows, and seats, as well as air conditioning – a luxury at the time. The attention to detail and the inclusion of these amenities underscored Chrysler’s dedication to luxury and comfort.

Significance and Lasting Impact

Finally, the 1959 Chrysler New Yorker holds a significant place in the annals of automotive history. Firstly, it is not only a symbol of American luxury and design innovation during the late 1950s, but also, secondly, a testament to Chrysler’s ability to adapt and lead in a competitive industry. Furthermore, the New Yorker of 1959 set a high bar for luxury automobiles and, moreover, remains an iconic representation of a bygone era of automotive excellence.

In summary, the 1959 Chrysler New Yorker is more than a classic car; indeed, it represents a pivotal moment in automotive history. Specifically, it highlights Chrysler’s innovation in luxury, design, and engineering. This model, with its powerful engine, luxurious interior, and striking design, therefore, stands as a significant symbol of the American automotive industry’s prowess during an era of remarkable change and creativity.