1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III: A Rich History

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The history of the 1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III is multifaceted and rich. Spanning various aspects from design and production to its impact on American culture and its performance specifications.

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Design and Development of the 1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III

The origins of the Continental Mark III are intertwined with the histories of two distinct Ford divisions. In 1955, the Continental Division presented a well-received unibody proposal for the Mark III, in stark contrast to John Najjar’s contemporary offering for Lincoln, which encountered criticism. Nevertheless, in 1956, the Continental Division faced dissolution, resulting in the absorption of its projects, including the Mark III, by Lincoln. Consequently, the 1958 Continental Mark III found its way into Lincoln dealerships, while still maintaining the Continental name.

This transition marked a pivotal moment in the development of the Mark III, as it shifted from the Continental Division’s vision to become an integral part of Lincoln’s portfolio. This historical narrative underscores the dynamic interplay between divisions and the evolution of an iconic automobile.


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Design Language and Influence

The design of the Mark III reflected a blend of the Continental Division’s class and style and Lincoln’s radical ideas. This amalgamation resulted in a unique design language that influenced future models. Notably, the retractable hard-top technology developed for the Mark III was transferred to Ford for their Skyliner model. While the design language significantly influenced the 1961 Lincoln, which played a crucial role in Lincoln’s resurgence.

Marketing and Branding

The marketing of the 1958 Continental Mark III involved significant badge-engineering. By 1959, Lincoln dropped this pretense, integrating the Continental Mark III as a high-end model within the Lincoln lineup.

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1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III: Performance Specifications

Engine and Power

The 1958 Continental Mark III was equipped with a powerful 430 cubic inch V-8 engine, capable of delivering 375 horsepower. Despite its large and heavy build, the car could accelerate from zero to 60 MPH in an impressive 9.5 seconds.

Production Numbers and Economic Context

In 1958, Lincoln and Continental produced a total of 29,864 vehicles. A figure significantly lower than Cadillac’s production numbers for the same year. Despite high production costs, Ford managed to make a small profit on each Continental sold.

1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III: Legacy and Cultural Impact

Celebrity Appeal

The Lincoln Mark III gained notable fame among celebrities during its debut period. Prominent owners included musicians Elvis Presley, James Brown, and Glen Campbell. As well as golfers Arnold Palmer and Byron Nelson, who served as brand ambassadors for the vehicle.

Movie Appearances

The Continental Mark III featured in various movies, most notably in the 1977 horror film “The Car,” where it appeared as a highly customized version designed by George Barris. This car played a significant role in the film and has since become a part of popular culture.



The 1958 Lincoln Continental Mark III stands as a testament to Ford’s innovative design and marketing strategies. Conversely, its unique blend of style, performance, and luxury, coupled with its cultural impact and celebrity appeal, cemented its place in automotive history. Despite economic challenges and initial branding confusion, the Continental Mark III remains a significant model in Lincoln’s legacy. reflecting the era’s design trends and consumer preferences.

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