Sell Your Classic Youngtimer Car

Sell Your Classic Youngtimer Car

Up until recently, the classic car market was dominated by, well, classics. You know, those iconic Cadillac roadsters from vintage ads or the Mercedes convertibles James Bond used to drive. However, and predictably so, new models have entered the landscape, and they are much more recent than those more often designated as classics. These vehicles are beginning to be known to collectors and enthusiasts as Youngtimer cars.

The recent resurgence of these Youngtimers in the car market is the result of the natural cycle of the consumers, with younger buyers looking for specific models that are relevant to their own collecting interests. The change brings with it a whole new facet to the market and, with it, new things to keep in mind when you are looking to sell your Youngtimer car.

Sell Your Classic Youngtimer Car

The Appeal of Youngtimers

A rising number of vehicles from the eighties and nineties has been entering the auctions, circuit shows, and private collections. These, named Youngtimers due to its relatively young age in comparison to those previously in the market, have brought a much needed breath of fresh air into the landscape. The introduction of these younger models into the exclusive auction circuit represents a clear shift in the landscape, for it means that younger collectors are entering the market and bringing with them their own ideals and demands

The Youngtimer cars represent the aspirations of Generation X individuals, opting for high end vehicles from the decades they grew up in, in lieu of possibly too flashy or ostentatious older models. Their new label as “collectible” cars allows for surges on the sale prices of mint condition units, and hence expand the definition and connotation of what a classic car is or looks like. In a market that has so far been driven by boomer ideas of what luxury cars look like, the introduction of a new point of view keeps it relevant and ever-changing.

sell your classic youngtimer car

Examples of Youngtimer Cars

Last year, famed car auction company RM Sotheby’s led an unprecedented auction of over a hundred cars from the eighties and nineties known as “The Youngtimer Dream Garage” which cemented the decades’ place in the current classic car auction panorama. Some of the units included in this landmark auction were:

  • 1982 BMW Alpina B7 S Turbo (sold for $155,900)
  • 1989 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG 6.0 (sold for $336,200)
  • 1992 Porsche 928 GTS (sold for $155,900)

Looking to Sell Your Classic Youngtimer Car?

It is good to remember that, now that you are indeed dealing with a car that is considered a classic, you can still count on classic car retailers to help you sell your vehicle. The introduction of these Youngtimers to these circles allows for an added value to these nostalgic cars, and a good adviser on your side can help you get your vehicle’s worth when it comes to selling it. Do not hesitate to contact Sell a Classic Car today on 310-399-3990 or email us at if you want to sell your Youngtimer car for the amount of money you want.