Jaguar XK120

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The Jaguar XK120 was produced from 1948 to 1954, for a full five years and was launched at the London Motor Show of 1948.
It was the first car to showboat their Jaguar XK engine. The 242 cars produced were wooden framed open 2 seater bodies and aluminium panels. Later in 1950 the car became all steel and was known as the 120 because that was it’s top speed.
In 1949 the first Roadster was delivered to Clark Gable.
2 Open Versions of the Jaguar XK120
Firstly the Jaguar XK120 was available as a 2 seater then as a Drophead Coupe in 1953 and a Fixed Head Coupe from 1951 onwards. A Jaguar XK100 which was supposed to be for Great Britain but eventually was cancelled.
In 1949 in Belgium an XK120 hit 132.6 MPH and in 1950 and 1951 in France the Jaguar XK120 Roadsters hit over 100mph for more than 24 hours and over 130MPH for more than an hour.

Early Models of the Jaguar XK120

Between 1948 and 1950 the Jaguar XK120 was built with aluminium bodies later with pressed-steel bodies.
They retained:
Aluminium Doors & Bonnet & Boot lid
The DHC & DFC produced had luxury elements such as:
Wind Up Windows
Wood Veneer Dashboard & Door Caps on the inside
The Dual Overhead Cam 3.4 L Straight-6 XK Engine was very advanced for it’s time and had a standard 8:1 compression ratio it developed 160 bhp. In the UK a 7:1 low compression version was produced on account of the 70 octane fuel still available there after the war.

Jaguar XK120 Features

The cars had:
Semi – Elliptic Leaf Springs at the back
Independent Torsion Bar Front Suspension
Telescopically Adjustable Steering Column
Recirculating Ball Steering
12 Inch Drum Brakes
The Jaguar XK120 Roadster
The Jaguar XK120 Roadster had a:
Lightweight Canvas Top with Detachable Sidescreens
Barchetta Style Doors with no outside handles but a pull-cord
A removal windscreen where aeroscreens could be fitted

Jaguar XK120 Drophead Coupe

The Jaguar XK120 DHC also had some distinguishing features including:
Roll-up windows with opening quarter lights
Flat glass two-piece windscreen within a steel frame
Padded Canvas Top
Wood Veneered Dashboards and Door Caps in the DHC and the FHC compared to the leather trimmed dashboards in the Roadsters
Removable Spats covering wheel arches except those after 1951 which came with optional centre-lock wire wheels to allow the chromed, 2 eared Rudge Whitworth knockoff hubs.
From 1953 chromium plated wire wheels were optional but the standard issue was 6.00 x 16 inch cross ply tyres on 16 x 5k solid wheels. Later 185VR16 Pirelli Cinturato Tyres were added.

Upgrades To The Jaguar XK120 SE

They included:
Harder Suspension
Increased Power
Dual Exhaust System

XK120 Types & Engines

Jaguar XK120 3.4 produced 1948-54, 3442 cc with a DOHC Straight 6 configuration with a double SU H6 Carburettor. Power of 160 bhp at a 5000 RPM
Jaguar XK120 3.4 SE produced between 1951 to 1954, 3442 cc and a DOHC Straight 6 configuration with a Double SU H6 Carburettor with 180 bhp at 5300 RPM.
Jaguar XK120 3.4 SE C Type Head produced between 1951 and 1952 with a 3442 cc and DOHC Straight 6 configuration with a Double SU H8 Carburettor power of 210 bhp at 5750 rpm
Jaguar XK120 3.4 SE C-Type Head was produced between 1953 and 1954 again was a 3442 cc and a DOHC Straight 6 fitted with a double DC03 40mm Weber with a power of 220 bhp

Jaguar XK100

There were originally plans to produce a Jaguar XK100, a variant of the Jaguar XK120 which was to be a 2 litre four cylinder version of the twin cam XK engine. However the project was abandoned as Jaguar’s managers were unhappy with the final engine and the project was scrapped.

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