FERRARI 308 – 328

Sell your Classic Ferrari 308-328

Sell your Classic Ferrari 308-328

The Ferrari is one of the most emblematic sport cars in the automotive history. Aside to its characteristic looks, the car was always beautiful, fun to drive and reliable when properly maintained. The Ferrari 308 GTB berlinetta and targa topped 308 GTS are V8 mid-engined, 2-seater sports cars manufactured by the Italian company Ferrari from 1975 to 1985. All models used fully synchromesh 5-speed manual, clutch-type limited slip differential and all-independent suspension.

A guideline to sell your classic Ferrari 308-328

At the moment of selling your classic Ferrari 308-328, you should consider contacting Sell a Classic Car. We are the only classic car dealer in Southern California that can get you the most convenient deals, as we work with an extensive network of buyers and true connoisseurs when it comes to old rides. A notable aspect of the early 308 GTB was that its bodywork was entirely made of glass-reinforced plastic, allowing a very light weight of 1,050 kg (2,315 lb).

This lasted until June 1977, when the 308 was switched to steel bodies, resulting in an overall weight increase of approximately 150 kg (331 lb).