Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Sell a Classic Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
Years Produced: 1965-1976
Transmission: 4 Speed Hydramatic Automatic
Body Styles: 4 door saloon, 2 door Convertible, 2 Door Coupe
Exterior Colors: Available colors Include: Porcelain White, Chestnut, Nutmeg Brown, Sable, Walnut to name a few
Interior: Leather seats, Wool Carpet, Walnut  Dashboard
Additional features: Disc Brakes, Independent rear suspension
Rolls Royce was a company known for producing comfortable, luxurious and well made cars. They  were not known however, for being automotive innovators and so there was concern that the Silver Shadow would be outdated by the time of release. These fears were compounded by the fact that the Shadow took nine years from concept car to production. When the Silver Shadow was introduced in 1965, those fears proved unfounded and in fact,the car was a success for Rolls Royce.
The Silver Shadow, produced for eleven years from 1965-1976  was significantly smaller than its predecessor the Cloud. Despite this, it still managed to offer the spacious and comfortable interior that Rolls Royce was known for, mainly due to its unitary construction, the first Rolls Royce to use this technology.

Sell a Classic Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

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