1979 Porsche 930

Sell a Classic Porsche 930 1979

Production Numbers: 18,770 cars produced by between 1978-1989

Color Options: Black, Silver-metallic, Guards, Cockneybraun, Grand Prix white, Talbotgelb, Arrow blue, Viper green diamond, Oakgrun, Minerva blue, Olive green, Mocha brown, Cashmere beige, Lime-metallic, Petrol blue-metallic, Lilac, Light blue-metallic, Opal-metallic, Tobacco-metallic, Black-metallic, Moss green-metallic, Dark blue

Engine Type: 3.3 L Single turbocharged air-cooled flat-6

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Additional Stats: top-of-the-range 911 model for its entire production duration, wide wheel-arches, bigger wheels and tires, large rear “whale tail” spoiler

The 1979 model of the Porsche 930, like the 1978 model, had more of everything: displacement, power, thrust, and sheer presence. The increase in displacement and addition of an intercooler elevated power output and torque, but the increased engine capacity to 3.3L put on quite a bit of weight to the 911 Turbo and contributed to a substantial change in the handling and character of the car compared to the earlier 3.0L models.

Unfortunately, Porsche stopped selling the 911 Turbo in the United States at the end of 1979. Many automotive historians agree that there would have been significantly more made if restrictive emissions standards hadn’t made it too difficult to sell the model any longer. Still, the car continued to be imported through gray-market importers, which provided a way for a few European models to reach determined U.S. buyers.

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