1962 Porsche 356

Color Options: Slate grey, Ruby red, Oslo blue, Ivory, Champagne yellow, Silver metallic, Heron grey, Smyrna green, Signal red, Bali blue, Black

Engine Type: 1.6 L Type 616/1 B4, 1.6 L Type 616/2 B4, 1.6 L Type 616/7 B4, 1.6 L Type 616/12 B4

Transmission: 4-speed manual


After remaining fairly stagnant during the first two years of its run, the B generation of the Porsche 356 started to make new changes to the model in 1962. Fairly significant changes, actually. The 1962 Porsche 356 debuted a new body type, the T6, which came with significant differences. Although the factory did not call attention to these new features, enthusiasts were quick to notice the twin lid engine grilles, the external fuel filler, and the larger rear window in the coupe version. Additionally, it also featured new disc brakes. 


Unlike its previous version, which featured a cabriolet body, the T6 did not start off as a cabriolet. Instead, the new body was a mix of different styles. This meant it had the rear of a cabriolet, a coupe windshield frame, and a unique hardtop. This unique model, which would be produced between 1962 and 1963, would come to be known as the Karmann notchback models. 

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