1957 Porsche 356

Color Options: Black, Ruby red, Meissen blue, Ivory, Fjord green, Silver metallic, Aquamarin blue, Stone grey, Orange, Aurantium green, Glacier white

Engine Type: 1.3 L Type 506 B4, 1.3 L Type 506/2 B4, 1.5 L Type 547/1 B4

Transmission: 4-speed manual


The 1957 production year saw the peak of the Porsche 356 A model. Upon revision of the previous model, the Type 2 (affectionately known by fans as the T2 model) became the new factory designation for the 1957 Porsche 356. 1,171 units were manufactured in 1957, making it the peak production year of the A generation. This iteration of the model was so popular and so fondly remembered by enthusiasts that replicas of the iconic speedster have become increasingly popular in the last few decades. Such a craze has helped further cement the place of the vehicle in the popular consciousness.


It is worth noting that this was the first generation of Porsche models that began to offer the option of the now renowned four-cam Carrera engine, which was originally exclusive to the spyder race cars. This option gave the models that implemented it an unparalleled power and performance that perfectly captured the rush of automobile culture in the American consciousness of the fifties.

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