1954 Porsche 356

Color Options: Black, Turkish red, Graphite, Jade green, Pearl gray, Azure blue, Terra cotta, Ivory, Silver, Adria

Engine Type: 1.3 L Type 589 B4, 1.5 L Type 528/2 B4, 1.5 L Type 546/2 B

Transmission: 4-speed manual


What later came to be known as the “pre-A” era of the Porsche 356 was coming to an end, which meant that the company was restless to experiment with the current iterations in order to find out what the future of the model held in store. The first few versions of the Porsche 356 had developed a reputation as a reliable and beautiful sports car that would last long after their original run. To this day, almost seventy years later, these models are highly coveted and sought after by collectors and aficionados alike.


It was late into this model year that luxury car importer Max Hoffman, the only importer of Porsche vehicles in the United States, suggested a new addition to the 356 lineups. Hoffman, who had famously suggested a variety of European car makers new ways to adapt to the American market, approached Porsche about the possibility of stripping down the 356 into a roadster that would appeal to the fifties craze. This suggestion would lead to one of the most unique Porsche vehicles of the era. 

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