1952 Porsche 356

Color Options: Black, Turkish red, Graphite, Jade green, Pearl gray, Azure blue, Terra cotta, Ivory, Silver, Adria

Engine Type: 1.1 L Type 369 B4, 1.5 L Type 527 B4, 1.5 L Type 528 B4, 1.5 L Type 546 B4

Transmission: 4-speed manual


In 1951, after a few years of only being popular among dedicated car enthusiasts, the Porsche 356 won the race at Le Mans. This shone a light on the young model and sparked interest in both Europe and the United States. The line, which had remained relatively unchanged since 1948, started to see its first new updates with its new increased popularity. This meant the introduction of new kinds of engines into the line, including the 1.5 L Type 527 B4 in 1951, and the 1.5 L Type 528 B4 and 1.5 L Type 546 B4 with the 1952 Porsche 356. These strengthened the already notable power of the model.


Other than the two new engine options, 1952 also saw the split windshield replaced by a slightly V-shaped single one with the exact same frame. This saw the first big aesthetic change to the soon-to-be iconic look of the 1952 Porcshe 356. More and more units were being imported to the United States, which meant that the vehicle would soon start to cater to the American public. However, the model remained distinctly European for now.

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