1951 Porsche 356

Color Options: Black, Turkish red, Graphite, Jade green, Pearl gray, Azure blue, Terra cotta, Ivory, Silver, Adria

Engine Type: 1.1 L Type 369 B4, 1.5 L Type 527 B4, 

Transmission: 4-speed manual


After three years of modest sales numbers, the the 1951 Porsche 356 was the vehicle that would bring its line to the international attention of thousands of car enthusiasts. Having been a victory at a small race in Innsbruck in 1948 what first made the line catch public attention, it was a bigger one that made sure the model went on to something important. In 1951, it competed at the race in Le Mans. The buzz around its aerodynamic design, excellent build quality, and optimal handling finally had a stage to prove itself and the 356 won the race. With this victory, public interest caught fire on both sides of the Atlantic.


This performance was accompanied by a new 1.5-liter engine, which further improved upon the power the model had previously showcased through its 1.1-liter one. This was the first major change implemented on the line so far, which still looked and performed in a fairly similar way to its early prototypes. Production numbers for the 1951 Porsche 356 began to increase, giving way to a larger demand for updates. Halfway through the first generation of Porche 356 models, the line’s legacy was starting to show.

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