1948 Porsche 356

Color Options: Black, Turkish red, Graphite, Jade green, Pearl gray, Azure blue, Terra cotta, Ivory, Silver, Adria

Engine Type: 1.1 L Type 369 B4 

Transmission: 4-speed manual


As the introductory model of the long-withstanding Porsche 356 line, the 1948 Porsche 356 marked the debut of quite a prolific era for the company. Created by Ferdinand Porsche II, commonly known as Ferry and son of the company founder, it followed in on the footsteps of his father’s Volkswagen Beetle by featuring a similar body construction. However, the body and the chassis were an entirely new design. In June 1948, the first 1948 Porsche 356 was road-certified and entered in a race at Innsbruck, where the new model won in its class. 


This victory led to the model being refined and re-engineered in order to officially enter the market. The vehicles manufactured in 1948 are highly sought after by collectors given their status as the original Porsches. Only fifty units of this model were produced in the first two years of the line, making them quite rare in the current classic car market. These were mostly sold in Germany and Austria, where they were immediately well-received by car enthusiasts. It would only be a matter of time before fondness of the marque would continue to grow towards cementing its place in the public consciousness as a reliable luxury vehicle.

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