Mercedes-Benz 230SL

                                                                                                                                              Mercedes Benz SL

Sell a Classic Mercedes 230sl Cabriolet


 Mercedes 230 SL “Pagoda”

  Years Produced: 1963-1967

 Production numbers:19,831

 Engine: 2,3066 cc Six Cylinder

 Engine Code:  M 127.11



-Power steering  now available as an option

-Disc and Drum Brakes ( later models had all drum brakes)

-Separate Hubcaps and Trim

-Rubber Mats on the Floor

– First Mercedes with radial tires

-4 Spd Automatic Transmission

-rubber mats

-Horizontal trim  below license plate



The first in the Pagoda series, the 230 SL continued in the SL tradition with its ‘modern lines’ luxurious interior and superb handling ( for its day) thanks to its relatively short and wide chassis and great suspension. Designed to be a hybrid of the sporty 300 SL and the 190 SL, the 230 SL was the brainchild of Bela Barenyi and Paul Bracq .The car  differed from its predecessors in some very important ways. Bela and Paul set upon the task of building a luxury sports car which struck a balance between style, performance and safety. In fact, the 230SL revolutionized the sports car industry as up until its advent ,safety features in a sports car was unheard of. The 230SL was the first sports car ever to incorporate safety features like the crumple zone ( a safety cage with impact zones in the front  and rear which help shield occupants in the event of a crash), collapsible steering wheel and steering column ( this prevented occupants from being impaled on the steering wheel and column – a common sight in car crashes during that time). This safety technology was so influential that it set a precedent for cars of all makes and in fact is still used in today’s cars.


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