1949 Jaguar XK120

1949 Jaguar XK120

An icon from inception, beloved by celebrities and enthusiasts alike, the XK120 was a smashing success and the good news just kept coming. Model year 1949 established the XK120 as a top winning racer as Jaguar finished first and second at the prestigious Silverstone racing event. There would be more wins in the future but for now, this impressive finish, along with equally impressive sales of the 1948 XK120 meant that William Lyons quickly realized that supply could not keep up with demand. The earliest XK120’s were handbuilt, aluminum bodied works of art but were very time consuming to assemble. In order for supply to match demand, the XK120 would have to be mass-produced, machine assembled steel-bodied cars. The decision was made for the XK120 to go mainstream and Jaguar couldn’t be happier with the results. The 1949 XK120’s were rolling out of the factories and into the hands of customers in Europe and abroad. If you own this collectable classic and would like to sell a 1949 Jaguar XK120

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