Jaguar Series II XKE

Sell a Classic Jaguar XKE

Produced from 1968-1971, the Jaguar Series II XKE. The lack of glass headlight covers is one of the most noticeable features about these vehicles. Their design is distinctive from the Series I: they have a rear bumper that wraps around, tail lights that hang below the bumpers and that “wide mouth” front that you’ve seen on television and movies so many times. There’s still quite a thrill in pushing down the push button starter and getting out on the road.
With this car, you can see Jaguar trying to do more in case there’s an accident, as well. For example, the newly designed steering column had a section that was collapsible, in case of the worst. These vehicles are were made to be significantly and obviously safer than prior models, as they have head restraints and other safety advancements.
The engine has a very distinctive look with these cars. It’s usually identified by the “ribbed” appearance. This stands in stark contrast to the smoothly polished cam covers of prior models.
Power steering and air conditioning are just a few of the features that these remarkable vehicles offer. They come in fastback coupe and roadster, all with two doors.