Jaguar Series I XKE

Sell a Classic Jaguar Series I XKE

These are the XK-E Jaguar models that were introduced in March of 1961.  2-door vehicles, these featured both a 3.8 litre engine and a 4.2 litre engine. The earlier models have a 4-speed manual transmission, but after 1966, a 3-speed automatic transmission became available.

It’s somewhat difficult to put into words now exactly what this car meant at the time. For example, “Autocar” tested this vehicle in May of 1965. They said “(It’s) the fastest we have ever tested and offers just about the easiest way to travel quickly by road.” To step into this car is to come as close as anyone can to getting into a time machine.

Some Series I cars, made towards the end of the run, were given the unofficial name of “Series 1 ½.” Typically, these vehicles are known for having two carbs instead of three.

Both models look great and go fast, though! The 150 top speed for both can still turn heads, more than fifty years later. An independent coil spring rear suspension helps make for a smooth rider. To make the ride smooth on the inside, the leather-upholstered bucket seats as well as the aluminum-trimmed center instrument panel fit the bill.