Jaguar SSII

Sell Your Classic Jaguar SSII

Like the Jaguar SSI, the Jaguar SSII model hit the market in the early 1930s. These styles were technically more “show than go” in their early years. As a beautifully designed model, the vehicle itself is solely meant for luxury driving and speeds.


Eventually in the mid 1930s the Jaguar SSII underwent modifications and both the SSI and SSII were available to the public.In such a prestigious and rapidly growing market, these cars were famous for their style and feel. As a top classic car, this model is sought after and remembered for its energy and looks.


Paired with a social night out, either the SSI or SSII were a top choice for drivers. When these models first broke into the car scene there was no going back for Jaguar, as they had created something new and exciting to the market.