Jaguar SSI

Sell Your Classic Jaguar SSI

The Jaguar is one of our most loved cars. The Jaguar SSI made its debut in 1934, and is extremely rare today. With a sleek, long bonnet and helmet type front wings suggests it was built for high performances. As a benchmark model, the SSI supplied inspiration for future Jaguar models to come. As a pre-WWII vehicle, the model matched that of the fashion necessary for the time. This model is highly sought after by collectors and professionals. Understandably, a popular slogan behind the SSI was, “Grace, Space, Pace,” referring to the luxury of the vehicle. In 1933 the SSI model was revised to fit updated engines and cylinder heads, furthering improving the functionality of the vehicle. After these advances, the classic’s top speed was 75mph, a breakthrough for that time. The SSI remained in production until 1936, by which time the model had wracked up around 2,500 revisions.