1964 Jaguar Mark II

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The Jaguar Mark II, a paragon of elegance, performance, and innovation, saw the 1964 model year make significant strides in solidifying its status as an iconic British luxury sports sedan. The seamless combination of style, technology, and motorsport success defines the enduring legacy of the 1964 Jaguar Mark II.

Design Evolution

The 1964 Jaguar Mark II brought subtle yet impactful changes to the design, further enhancing the vehicle’s luxurious appeal.

Exterior Design: Graceful Refinement

While retaining the classic silhouette that defined earlier Mark II models, the 1964 edition featured refined details. The chrome accents were delicately reshaped, the grille was subtly redesigned, and new wheel covers and paint options were introduced. The aerodynamics were also subtly improved to enhance performance.

Interior Design: Emphasis on Comfort

Inside the cabin, luxury reached new heights. Improved seat designs, premium upholstery, additional conveniences, and an attention to detail in every stitch set the 1964 Mark II apart from its predecessors. Customization options provided personalization, aligning with the tastes and preferences of its discerning owners.

Engine and Performance: A Fusion of Power and Agility

The 1964 model year continued to offer the 2.4-liter, 3.4-liter, and 3.8-liter XK Inline-6 engines, with refinements for better responsiveness and fuel efficiency. Tuning adjustments and technological advancements in cooling and exhaust systems further improved driving dynamics.

Transmission Choices

A four-speed manual transmission with overdrive was standard, but the option for a Borg-Warner three-speed automatic became increasingly popular, reflecting the desire for a blend of performance and convenience.

Racing History: Continued Dominance

The Mark II’s racing pedigree grew even stronger in 1964. Successes in touring car championships and international races were common, as the vehicle’s agility, balance, and power made it a formidable contender.

Notable Victories

Names such as Roy Salvadori, Peter Nöcker, and Graham Hill continued to be associated with the Mark II’s triumphs. From tracks in Europe to the vibrant racing scene in Australia, the 1964 Mark II left a mark on various circuits, demonstrating its racing prowess.

Technological Innovations: Pioneering Excellence

1964 saw Jaguar invest in innovation and technology. Improvements in suspension provided better handling, and enhancements in braking technology contributed to safety and control. The integration of new convenience features and electrical components showcased Jaguar’s forward-thinking mindset.

Designers and Their Vision

The creative vision of Sir William Lyons and his team of designers remained integral to the 1964 Mark II. Lyons’ commitment to beauty and function continued to guide Jaguar’s design philosophy. The collaboration between engineering and design departments allowed for the integration of aesthetics and performance, creating a vehicle that was both beautiful and capable.

Differences from the Previous Year

The differences between the 1963 and 1964 Mark II models were subtle but significant. The 1964 model year saw:

  • Refinements in exterior design, with emphasis on chrome detailing and aerodynamics
  • Interior enhancements focusing on comfort and luxury
  • Improved engine tuning and efficiency
  • Greater options in transmission
  • Continued success in racing, with adaptations to the racing versions of the Mark II

Legacy and Impact on the Automotive Industry

The 1964 Jaguar Mark II left a lasting impact on the automotive world. Its design, engineering, and racing success influenced future generations of Jaguars and set a benchmark for luxury sports saloons.

Influence on Future Jaguar Models

The principles laid down in the Mark II were carried forward into later Jaguar models. It established design and performance standards that continued to shape Jaguar’s identity.

Impact on the Luxury Saloon Segment

The Mark II redefined what a luxury saloon could be, merging the excitement of a sports car with the comfort of a luxury sedan. This fusion of qualities inspired other manufacturers to follow suit.


The 1964 Jaguar Mark II stands as a landmark in automotive design and engineering. It encapsulates a moment in time when style, performance, innovation, and luxury coalesced into a car that was both a masterpiece and a harbinger of things to come. The subtleties in design, the engineering marvel of its engine, the thrill of its racing triumphs, and the vision of its designers culminate in a timeless classic that continues to inspire automotive enthusiasts around the world. Whether viewed through the lens of history or contemporary perspective, the 1964 Mark II’s impact is undeniably profound, reflecting the essence of what makes a Jaguar, a Jaguar.

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