Ferrari Mondial

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Manufactured between 1980 and 1993, the Ferrari Mondial was a grand tourer car, offered in both coupe and cabriolet styles, and the last one to sport the V8 rear engine. It was introduced as a replacement for the Ferrari 308/208 GT4, with a name that originated in the company’s racing background. The Ferrari 500 Mondial was a sports racing car of the mid-century, named to celebrate several consecutive wins in the Formula 1 world championships. The name Mondial was chosen for this new lineup in order to evoke that success and to describe the model’s global appeal.

It was developed with a more practical approach than other Ferrari models, with four seats and intent for long distances, the Ferrari Mondial had enough room in the back for children and shorter adults, with easy access ensured via its long front doors. The Mondial cabriolets remain the only mass-produced vehicles with a four-seat, read mid-engine, fully convertible design in mind.

Seven hundred units of the Mondial 8, the first model of the line, were produced between 1980 and 1982, after which came the Mondial QV model (with over 1700 units), Mondial 3.2 (1800 units), and the Mondial T (almost 1900 units). The now-iconic line remains one of the company’s most successful ones at the time, demonstrating the brand’s capacity for balanced luxury and practicality.