Ferrari Dino 246

sell a classic Ferrari Dino 246

The Dino 246 was Ferrari’s response to calls for more power after 1968’s Dino 206 GT. The new model sported a 2.4 L 65° V6 engine and was available as a fixed top GT coupe (with a Berlinetta body style) and as an open Spyder GTS (with a Targa top style). The body was no longer made of aluminum but was instead crafted out of steel in order to save costs. 

Almost four thousand units were produced between 1969 and 1974, divided in three different series. Series I units used the same center bolt wheels of the Dino 206, while Series II cars got their own five bolt Cromodora alloys and clap-hands wipers. Series III units had minor differences applied to the gearing and fuel supply and were built in larger quantities to satisfy the demand in the United States.

Although the established top speed of the model was declared to be 146 miles per hour, British car publication Motor Magazine reported the Dino 246’s top speed to be 148 miles per hour. This beat its contemporary, the Porsche 911s, by twelve miles per hour (although being fairly more expensive). This allowed for its V8 motor to be used for many different Italian performance cars, including the widely successful Lancia Stratos rally car.