Ferrari 330

sell a classic Ferrari 330

This series of V12 powered cars was produced by Ferrari between 1963 and 1968. The Ferrari 330 series included a variety of different models, such as a two seat Berlinetta, a 2+2 GT Coupe, spyder, and racing versions. The engine used by the series, a 4.0 L Colombo Tipo 209 V12, was an evolution of the 400 Superamerica engine, featuring a wider bore spacing and an alternator instead of a generator. 

The first model of the series was the Ferrari 330 America, which retained the chassis from the brand’s previous model, but it sported the bold new Colombo V12 engine. The “330” nomenclature comes from the displacement of each single cylinder in the motor. An approximate fifty units of the 330 America were produced, and the model was then replaced by the 330 GT 2+2.

The subsequent renditions of the Ferrari 330 line kept building on the legacy of the first one, consistently improving upon the original in both its performance and its style. The design always retained the soft edges and slick shape of the original, but with a new, original chassis and an identity of its own, the Ferrari 330 series finally earned an identity of its own.