Ferrari 308

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The Ferrari 308 started out as two models, a 308 GTB Berlinetta and a 308 GTS Targa Top, which were introduced in 1975. The 308 had a ten year longevity, with production finalizing all the way in 1985 after a successful run. In fact, you might recognize the 308’s iconic design from the nostalgically classic television series Magnum, P.I. in which Tom Selleck drove the car around Hawaii throughout eight seasons, cementing the model’s place in popular culture and the general public consciousness.

The Ferrari 308 consisted of a tube frame with a separate body which was mechanically similar to the Dino and the Ferrari GT4, albeit with a shorter wheelbase. The engine was a 90 degree V8 engine with two overhead camshafts per cylinder bank. Four-wheel vented disc brakes were fitted, and the suspension was all independent through double wishbones, hydraulic dampers, and anti-roll bars on either axle. 

The body was designed by Pininfarina designer (and Ferrari favorite) Leonardo Fioravanti, the famed mind behind the Dino, Daytona, and the Berlinetta Boxer. The smooth curves of these designs contrasted with the boxer looks of their contemporaries, allowing for versatility and variety within the Ferrari marque, while still retaining the brand’s characteristic aesthetic.