Bentley R

Originally called the “Bentley Mark VII,” the R Sedan has the same front as the Mark VI, but the trunk (also known as “the boot”) was doubled in capacity. Indeed, this trunk is sometimes called “the big boot” and is quite large. Bentley never again made a manual transmission car.

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Tested in 1953, the top speed is 101.7 miles an hour. When it was released, it was the world’s fastest four-seated car.  Only 2323 of these were ever made, making this a rare sedan indeed. The unique design of this vehicle was tested at Rolls-Royce’s wind tunnel. Those rear fins stabilize the vehicle when it’s moving quickly. A true luxury car, this standard 4 door salon was produced from 1952-1953. A rear wheel drive vehicle, it has a 4.6 L IOE straight-6 engine with 1930 horsepower. This car included leather upholstery, fitted tools, sunroof, heater and a radio.

As far as luxury cars go, this one is genuinely elegant. Considered to be among the most beloved of the post war Bentley vehicles, these cars will get you where you want to go in style. Durable and strong, these sedans are a symbol of stately post World War II British style.