Bentley S3

Similar in many ways to the S2, this Bentley was produced from 1962 through 1965. Many of the biggest differences from the S2 are the look: the S2 had a bigger bumper, the S3 has fitted twin headlamps and the front panels were completely restyled. The interior had an upgrade, too: individual seats replaced the split bench. The leg room in the back seat was also better in the S3.

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Powered by the Rolls-Royce OHV 8-cylinder engine, this car can max out around 116 mph, taking about 11 seconds to go from zero to sixty. This engine was more powerful than the one in the S2, and the acceleration was a bit better as well. Compared to the S2, the power steering was lighter and also more responsive. 1,286 of these Bentley’s were produced.

The S3 Continental produced 311. This vehicle’s bodywork was manufactured from aluminum, which helped to make it go much faster. In fact, the four door version earned the nickname “The Flying Spur.” Seen as a more modern version of the S2, this was the final iteration of the Bentley S Series.