Bentley S1

Hailed as the “fastest four seat car in the world” at the time, the S1 has a top speed of 120 miles per hour. The longer chassis was seen as a concern at the time, but looks and runs great even today. Compared to prior models, the suspension was improved. That gave the entire vehicle that much better a ride.

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The F-head 4887 cc straight six Crewe engine game standard with a four speed automatic gearbox. 3,538 of these were produced. Very similar to the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I of the time, which makes sense as Rolls Royce purchased the Bentley facilities. Made from 1955 through 1958, these vehicles had a two-tone paint job. The hood was finished in the lower of the two colors.

The S1 Continental was introduced six months after the S1. The engine was slightly improved and modified. Power steering and windows were available options with this model. The Continental model was made of an aluminum body, as opposed to the steel one of the regular S1, which made the entire vehicle that much lighter.