Bentley Brooklands 

Originally introduced in 1992, this was seen as an alternative to the Turbo R, but quickly grew into its own vehicle. This car could go up to 184 mph, all due to Bentley’s strongest V8 engine. The four speed automatic transmission made for a smooth ride. While it doesn’t have the Turbo R’s turbocharger, it did have the Bentley waterfall grille and descending bootlid and chrome B-pillars.

Named for Surrey’s Brooklands banked race track, this is a true full size luxury saloon vehicle. That race track was important to Bentley, as it’s where Bentley achieved many speed records.

The then-new micro-computer tech controlled the instrument displays, air-conditioning and suspension. The statement from Rolls Royce sums it up well: “Bentley’s sporting excellence encompasses proven automotive technology that maximizes the owner’s driving pleasure.”