1952 Bentley Mark VI

image The 1952 Bentley Mark VI was a continuation of the popular Mark VI series, which was first introduced in 1946 as the company’s first post-war production model. The Mark VI was Bentley’s first car built entirely in-house at the Crewe factory, and it was designed to be more affordable and accessible than the pre-war Bentley models.

The 1952 model year saw some minor changes to the Mark VI, including a new front grille design and a larger rear window. The car was powered by a 4.3-liter inline-six engine, which was mated to a four-speed manual transmission. The Mark VI also featured independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes, which were both advanced features for the time.

Despite its more accessible price point, the Mark VI was still a luxury car, and it was well-received by buyers who appreciated its combination of performance and comfort. The Mark VI was also popular with coachbuilders, who created a wide variety of bespoke bodies for the car.

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