Bentley 8 Litre

 bentley litre  The Bentley 8 Litre is a luxury car produced by Bentley Motors Limited from 1930 to 1931. It was designed to be the successor to the earlier 6.5 Litre model and was intended to be the ultimate expression of luxury and performance at the time.

The car was powered by an inline-six engine with a displacement of 7.98 liters, which was capable of producing up to 220 horsepower. It was also equipped with a four-speed manual transmission, which allowed the car to reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

The Bentley 8 Litre was available in several body styles, including saloon, touring, and limousine models. It was known for its impressive power and smooth handling, as well as its luxurious and comfortable interior.

The Bentley 8 Litre was also successful in motorsports, with notable wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1930 and 1931.

However, the Bentley 8 Litre was produced during the height of the Great Depression, and as a result, only 100 units were built before production was discontinued in 1931. Despite its relatively short production run, the Bentley 8 Litre remains one of the most iconic and sought-after cars in automotive history, due to its combination of luxury, performance, and rarity.