1959 Aston Martin DB4

px aston martin db The 1959 Aston Martin DB4 was largely similar to the 1958 model, as the car was only introduced in 1958 and underwent few changes during its production run. However, there were a few notable changes made to the DB4 for the 1959 model year:

  • The rear axle ratio was revised to improve acceleration and fuel economy.
  • The front grille was slightly modified, with a more pronounced curve on the top edge of the grille.
  • The dashboard was redesigned to include a tachometer and oil temperature gauge as standard equipment.

Overall, the 1959 Aston Martin DB4 remained a luxurious and high-performance grand tourer, with a sleek Italian-designed body and a powerful six-cylinder engine. The car was also equipped with a range of luxury features, including leather upholstery, electric windows, and a wood-rimmed steering wheel.