AC Cobra MkII (1963-1965)

ac cobra mkii   The AC Cobra MkII is a sports car that was developed by AC Cars in collaboration with Carroll Shelby. It is an improved version of the AC Cobra MkI, which was already a successful sports car in its own right. The MkII was introduced in 1963, just a year after the MkI.

One of the key changes that was made to the MkII was the introduction of a new engine. The original MkI was powered by a Ford V8 engine that produced up to 260 horsepower, but the MkII was fitted with a larger 4.7-liter engine that was capable of producing up to 289 horsepower. This extra power made the car even faster and more powerful than its predecessor.

Other improvements that were made to the MkII included a revised suspension system and improved brakes. These changes made the car more stable and easier to handle at high speeds, which was especially important for racing. The interior of the car was also updated, with more comfortable seats and better insulation to reduce noise and vibration.

Like the MkI, the MkII was a successful racing car. It continued to dominate in both European and American racing circuits, winning numerous races and championships. One of the most notable victories for the MkII was at the 1964 24 Hours of Le Mans, where it won its class and finished fourth overall.

In addition to its racing success, the AC Cobra MkII was also popular among car enthusiasts for its unique combination of power, speed, and style. The car’s sleek and aggressive design, coupled with its impressive performance, made it a desirable sports car for those who wanted the ultimate driving experience.

Today, the AC Cobra MkII remains a highly sought-after sports car among collectors and enthusiasts. Its reputation as one of the most iconic sports cars of the 1960s continues to attract a devoted following, and examples of the car are considered to be valuable and rare.