AC Cobra MkIII (1965–1967)

ac cobra mkiii   The AC Cobra MkIII, also known as the AC 427, is a sports car that was developed by AC Cars in collaboration with Carroll Shelby. It is the most powerful and fastest version of the AC Cobra, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest sports cars ever made.

The AC Cobra MkIII was introduced in 1965, and it featured a number of significant improvements over its predecessors. The most notable of these was the introduction of a new engine, a 7.0-liter Ford V8 that was capable of producing up to 425 horsepower. This engine was one of the most powerful ever fitted to a production car at the time, and it gave the MkIII incredible speed and acceleration.

Other improvements that were made to the MkIII included a revised chassis and suspension system, which made the car more stable and easier to handle at high speeds. The body of the car was also redesigned, with a wider and more aggressive stance that gave it a more muscular appearance.

The interior of the AC Cobra MkIII was also updated, with more comfortable seats, better insulation, and improved sound deadening. These changes made the car more comfortable and easier to drive for extended periods of time, which was important for those who wanted to use the car for long distance drives.

Despite its incredible performance and advanced features, the AC Cobra MkIII was not without its problems. The car was difficult to handle at high speeds, and it was prone to oversteer and other handling issues. Additionally, the car’s high power output made it difficult to control on wet or slippery surfaces.

Today, the AC Cobra MkIII remains a highly sought-after sports car among collectors and enthusiasts. Its reputation as one of the most powerful and fastest sports cars of all time continues to attract a devoted following, and examples of the car are considered to be valuable and rare. The AC Cobra MkIII remains a true icon of automotive history, and it is a testament to the skill and innovation of its designers and engineers.