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At sell a classic car, we strive to offer the most complete options for car sellers to make money out of their vehicles. That’s why aside of selling classic American and European rides, we also take your custom car! whether they’re customized by individuals or companies, Sell a Classic Car can take custom cars and have them sold at top dollar. We are a licensed and bonded classic car dealer in California that can handle all shipping details to make your sale; whether you are in California, another state or even outside the USA.

You can check our shipping rates from the port of Los Angeles here. What is also great about selling your vehicle through Sell a Classic Car is that you become part of our exclusive network of associates. That way, when a buyer is looking for a car we will get it from you instead of auctions or third parties!

Selling Classic Cars, Custom Cars and More!

Sell a Classic Car goes beyond the classic car sale and offers a platform for those rides that don’t fall in the classic car category. Custom cars are by definition any passenger vehicle that is altered to improve it’s performance or features. The most common modifications are altering or changing the car’s engine or transmission. Changing its style with paint work and aftermarket accessories is also very typical in these customized rides. Even though mods have become increasingly popular in later years, end even featured in several films, the truth is cars have been customized since the 20’s and make a valuable item for collectors and car enthusiasts.

At Sell a Classic Car, we specialize in rare cars, late model exotic sport cars, luxury makes and models, hot rods, resto-mods and custom cars. We can arrange everything so you get the best deal in cash without hassle. Don’t deal with tire kickers or dubious online buyers! we also arrange all paperwork and transfer of title as well as shipping details. Call us at (310) 399-3990 and get a no obligation quote for your vehicle.



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Restomods are those cars that mix new technology with old features, making a mix of classic styling and modern comfort. This is a relatively recent phenomenon in collector’s world for people who love the classic cars look but find their original functionality uncomfortable or even unsafe for today’s standards.


Youngtimers are hard to define. The most approximated description for these cars would be “not too old, not too new”; older than 20 years but newer than 30.