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1960’s Icon: The Chevrolet Split Window Coupe

CORVETTE SPLIT WINDOW COUPE The Chevrolet Corvette Split Window Coupe, also known as the Corvette Sting Ray, was a two-seater sports car produced by Chevrolet between 1963 and 1967. It was designed by Bill Mitchell, GM’s Vice President of Styling, and was a radical departure from previous Corvettes in terms of design and engineering. Mitchell…

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‘The XK120 was first introduced in 1948, and quickly became known for its sleek and elegant design, as well as its impressive performance. The “120” in the name referred to the car’s top speed of 120 miles per hour, which was a remarkable feat at the time.   ‘The SE (Special Equipment) model was introduced…

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Whats My Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud Worth?

Rolls-Royce took a departure from its traditional approach when it launched the Silver Cloud in 1955. Unlike previous models that required incomplete cars to be sent to custom coach-builders for completion, the Silver Cloud, along with its corporate sibling, the Bentley S1, was a fully completed car with a factory-built body. This innovative move allowed…

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Diego Maradona’s 1980 450 SLC

                 Diego Maradona’s 450 SLC Diego  Maradona’s 450 SLC is available for sale. This is a unique opportunity for someone who loves classic cars, memorabilia and football/soccer to own a piece of history. The 450 SLC while not as famous as the 450 SL is just as luxurious and even more powerful, especially at high…

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