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Sell Your Classic Plymouth

In 1928 the Plymouth automobile was introduced at Madison Square Garden as one of Crysler’s new brands. As the Plymouth was considered competition for Ford and Chevrolet because of it’s new and improved hydraulic brakes, the brand was priced higher than other models on the market at that time. Plymouth was put on the market during the great depression as Crysler’s way of holding its own in a tough market. By 1931 Plymouth had become one of the top selling models, a true feat during such a desperate time. Over the years the model had evolved drastically while Chrysler attempted to keep up with the changing market. By the 60’s and 70’s the Plymouth brand sales suffered as competitor’s sales began to override that of Crysler’s. Plymouths identity began to falter in popularity by the 90’s, leaving the brand with fewer options. Production became limited in 2001 and ultimately Plymouth was set to the side as other models and brands emerged.