sell your classic pierce-arrow

Sell Your Classic Pierce-Arrow

The Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company was prominent in the automotive industry under the founder George N. Pierce. Based in Buffalo, New York, the company was active from 1901 to 1938. It was most popular for its luxury cars, but it also manufactured other vehicles such as motorcycles, fire trucks, commercial trucks, and camp trailers. Additionally, it also had a bicycle model on the market. In its early days, the Pierce-Arrow built its first single-cylinder vehicle which was also two-speed and no-reverse. Years later the two-cylinder car, Arrow, was released. After the Great Arrow was released in 1904, it became one of Pierce’s most successful products. This four-cylinder model won the Glidden tour, beating out 35 other vehicles.

Other than becoming a status symbol, a turning point for Pierce’s model was a redesign of the headlights as they moved from a more traditional placement into flared housings molded into the cars front fenders. This gave the illusion of the car being wider at night, and the company patented the design.

By 1938 the production of these models slowed to a halt. Eventually being taken off the market but never forgotten from the industry.