Oldsmobile Starfire

Among the many Oldsmobile lines throughout the years, the Oldsmobile Starfire has proven to be one of the most memorable and successful among car enthusiasts. Popular throughout both of its runs during the early sixties and later on in the late seventies, the line included convertibles and coupes. Regardless of the different models, the line was always a display of style and quality. 


The Starfire name was first introduced in 1953 as part of the annual GM Motorama auto show where the five passenger fiberglass convertible was showcased as a one of a kind dream car named after the Lockheed F-94 Starfire fighter jet. The name made a second appearance the following year in the 98 Starfire, the convertible version of the brand’s Oldsmobile 98 line at the time. These convertibles were the most expensive Oldsmobile models offered at the time.


The first generation of the Oldsmobile Starfire was introduced in early 1961 as a convertible with a slick, elegant design that had a decidedly more modern look than its preceding namesakes. A year later, it would be joined in the lineup by a hardtop coupe. The stylish and distinctive line would take a turn for the ordinary in 1963, when the models’ design lost its characteristic sculpted look. However, the iconic legacy of the original models was never tarnished.

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